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Quote of the Day: 

“Why should CNN talk about the FL debate it just hosted when we can learn about the family histories of its hosts?”

Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo.

WaPo‘s Ben Bradlee dies 

“Can you say in the paper that his favorite expression, to male reporters at least, was ‘Keep your pecker up?’ @MarkLeibovich on #Bradlee” — WaPo‘s Richard Leiby.

“Ben Bradlee originally advised a Post colleague against hiring Sally Quinn because ‘anyone that attractive could make work difficult.'” — WaPo Outlook editor Carlos Lozada.

“Ben Bradlee’s carefree, Mayflower dude shtick hid a serious devotion to country and press and their interdependence. Not a snob or hater.” — HuffPost Editorial Director Howard Fineman.

Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg sees orangutan’s “screwing”

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.12.52 PM

Charlie Crist V. Rick Scott debate enrages one pundit

“I’m sick of these 2 guys fighting over who grew up better off or worse off. Tell us what the hell u’ll do to make Floridians better off.” — CNN contributor Ana Navarro.


“It scares me how much I enjoy midterm debates.” — ABC Political Director Rick Klein.

This is SOOOO BuzzFeed

“I’ve been communicating with coworkers solely via emailed photos of rabbits for more than 40 minutes.” — BuzzFeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones.

A gift for Monica Lewinksy

“I’d love to give Monica a copy of #FindingMrRighteous. Seriously.” — Townhall contributor and author Lisa De Pasquale.

Journo admits he’s envious of George Stephanopoulos

“Thought I was doing well passing 8,000 Twitter followers. Then I saw @GStephanopoulos is fast approaching 2 million.” — Niels Lesniewski, senate reporter, Roll Call.

1200_01Convo among three journos. The topic: brunch  

The conversationalists are The New Republic’s Julia Ioffe,’s Content Director Max Fischer and WaPo’s Adam Kushner. 

Julia Ioffe: “End the tyranny of brunch,” she writes, linking to this TNR story about doing away with brunch and eating eggs for dinner during the week.

Max Fischer: “You are such a liar.”

Julia Ioffe: “When, WHEN have you ever seen me for brunch, Max Fisher?”

Max Fischer: “I would say literally 25% of the time I have brunch at Le Diplomate, which is a LOT, you are there with your parents.”

Julia Ioffe: “We were there for an early dinner!”

In typical Washington form, Adam Kushner, a WaPo editor, jumped in to talk about his own brunch prospects, completely ignoring the conversation at hand: “@Max_Fisher Oh, is that a good brunch? Have a strong prejudice against LD but will try brunch there on your recommendation.”

Photo: Le Diplomate website