Scarborough: Dems Running From Obama ‘Clowns’ After Voting With Him 90+ percent Of Time [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough unloaded on Senate Democrats running in tough re-election contests, calling them “clowns” for saying they’ll “stand up” to President Barack Obama, even though they continue to vote with him over 90 percent of the time.

In particular, Scarborough called out Mark Begich and Mark Udall for their waffling throughout their campaigns on this fact.

“What a clown Mark Begich looks like when he says ‘I’m going to be a pain in [President Obama’s] backside,’ and he votes with him 85, 86 percent of the time. What a clown Mark Udall looks like when he says ‘I’m going to be toughest the guy,'” said Scarborough mockingly. “Mark Udall seems like a nice guy. I think I like the guy, but what a clownish thing to do when you voted for him 95, 96, 97 percent of the time.”

“You got to separate the ones running in red states as [Howard] Dean said, like Kentucky and Louisiana, from blue states,” said Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin. “Jeanne Shaheen gets asked last night if she approves the job the president’s been doing, yes or no. She says, well I approve of some things, I disapprove of others.”

“Why not say, ‘Here’s what I approve of. It means saving the auto industry; supporting the president means giving health care to X number of New Hampshire voters,” Halperin said. Say what you believe, say what you’re passionate about, and then talking about the future going forward.”

“Say what you actually believe. It’s not that complicated,” Halperin added.

“It’s just not that hard!” Scarborough exclaimed. “You’re exactly right!”