Vox Being Vox: Downplays Canadian Shooter’s Conversion To Islam

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Vox just can’t bring itself to report honestly on the gunfight that took place in the Canadian Parliament building.

In a piece entitled, “Canadian Parliament shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: what we know and what we don’t know,” Vox does know what Reuters has reported – that the shooter was a convert to Islam, it just can’t bring itself to mention it till the end.

Vox bloggers Max Fisher and Zack Beauchamp (yes, it took two people to write a 435-word post), write, “Two US officials told Reuters that he was a convert to Islam, but there’s no public evidence to that effect nor any indication that the shooting was related to his faith.”

That is the last line in Fisher and Beauchamp’s post, buried at the very end.