Was Bristol Palin Physically Abused By A Man?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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When news trickled out about the Palins being involved in a drunken brawl, I was mildly amused. The narrative was that this band of rich hillbillies was at it again. Then I saw this disturbing quote from Bristol Palin (being questioned about the incident):

“I walk back up. “Did you push my sister?” And some guy gets up, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass. “You slut, you fucking cunt, you fucking this.” I get back up, he pushes me down on the grass again. And I have my five year old, they took my $300 sunglasses, they took my fucking shoes, and I’m just left here?

“A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet, in my dress—in my thong dress, in front of everybody—”Come on you cunt, get the fuck out of here, come on you slut, get the fuck out of here.” I don’t know this guy.”

AUDIO via Gawker (and more commentary below):

IF this is true (and we may never know for sure, but she sounds sincere), then Bristol Palin was physically, verbally — and possibly even sexually — assaulted by a man.

Shouldn’t THAT be the lede?!?

… But instead of being outraged, this is being treated like some sort of joke. Here’s The Dish:

“At this point, of course, this is just an outtake from the old Jerry Springer show. And there really is nothing to add.

“Except this: every time you see John McCain on television, remember that this is what he intended to bring within a heart beat of the presidency.”

Now, maybe it’s a bad idea to go to these sorts of parties, and maybe it’s a bad idea to bring your five-year old to them. On the other hand, maybe it’s a bad idea to blame the victim. Anyone who is concerned about a “war on women” — but not disturbed by this report — is clearly biased.

Matt K. Lewis