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Watch These Adorable Little Princesses Curse For Feminism (And T-Shirt Sales)

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Sometimes, you have to shock people in order to get their attention. If that means exploiting children to lament the supposed exploitation of women, them’s the breaks.

Courtesy of something called FCKH8.com — oh, I get it! — here’s the most depressing thing you’ll see all afternoon.


Take that, men. Little girls can be every bit as disgusting and unpleasant as little boys. Hooray.

It doesn’t matter how many of these “facts” are actually, y’know, facts. The words being put in these kids’ mouths must be true, or else why would they be yelling? Just shut up and stop disagreeing with feminists, you evil males, or they’ll keep gender-shaming you like this.

Oh, and buy a t-shirt. Or do you want people to think you’re a rapist?

P.S. Don’t even think about criticizing the appropriation of black cultural signifiers by non-blacks for comedic purposes, you woman-hating bigot.

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Jim Treacher