MSNBC Picked A Bad Time To Misspell ‘Ottawa’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

It was an emotional scene this morning at the Canadian Parliament as parliamentarians gave a standing ovation to their Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, the hero who shot and killed the active shooter who murdered a Canadian soldier. It was probably also the worst possible time for MSNBC to misspell “Ottawa.”

Ottawa had been in the news for an entire day, and all over Twitter in the form of hashtags like #OttawaShooting and #OttawaStrong. But somehow, someone on the graphics team missed the memo, thinking it was spelled “Ottowa.”

MSNBC Misspells "Ottawa"

MSNBC Misspells “Ottawa” (Screenshot)

This wasn’t the first MSNBC error. The day of the shooting, MSNBC host Al Sharpton seemed to think the terror attack took place in “Iowa.”

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