Peter King On Islamic Terror: ‘Nobody Should Feel Safe’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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New York Republican Congressman Peter King told Fox’s Greta Van Susteran that in the wake of the gun attack in Ottawa against Canada’s Parliament, “nobody should feel safe” from Islamic terror.

KING: We were anticipating something like this. Since 9/11 we’ve been on our guard. But especially since this war with ISIS has broken out, we were expecting attacks against the United States, against Canada, against any of the allied countries involved, obviously including the British. And again, when it comes to ISIS they do want to go for the military, for the police, for the national monuments and memorials, they’ve been calling for this. It’s not a secret.

VAN SUSTERAN: I don’t think anyone who’s not a member of the military should feel safe tonight because Catherine Herridge reported just about two weeks ago that there were threats against military families. And if you take a bomb in some crowded place in this country, it’s not just the military or law enforcement who are people who are on alert, and frankly we don’t want them hurt or killed either. There are a lot of people at risk with this.

KING: Greta, I don’t want to scare anybody. Nobody should feel safe. We’re at war with Islamic terrorism and a particularly evil group in ISIS, and they want to attack as many people as they can. They focus on the military and the police and monuments because that’ll get more attention, but they will kill anyone they can. If they can attack a shopping center, if they can attack a subway train, if they can attack an airport they will do it. Right now, for the sake of symbolism they are talking about the military. But we should be guarding everything we possibly can.

We should be aggressive, we should be on offensive, we should not be politically correct. The only way to really stop this is to go into the Muslim communities and find out who is good, who is bad, get any tips or informants whatever we need to do, the kind of thing the NYPD were doing for years until those people at the New York Times, those liberal ideologues, and the Associated Press and the [American] Civil Liberties Unions tried to stop it. We have to have that type of effective strong preemptive intelligence gathering by the police.

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