Substitute Teacher Arrested For Victimizing 17-Year-Male Student With Classroom Oral Sex

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If The Daily Caller has warned substitute teachers once, we’ve warned them a thousand times: Don’t provide oral sex to a 17-year-old male student on the first day of your teaching assignment, in your classroom, right there behind the teacher’s desk.

Symone Greene, a 22-year-old substitute teacher at Options Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., heeded exactly none of this sage advice. She now faces a felony charges of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, local Fox affiliate WTTG reports.

Greene’s first — and, very likely, only — day as a substitute English teacher at the charter school for at-risk youth was Friday, Oct. 17.

According to police, Greene and the unidentified, 17-year-old student in 11th grade met because the student had been assigned office work in her classroom — Room 266. They flirted. The confident boy gave Greene, just five years his senior, his phone number.

And wouldn’t you know it? She texted him. The two new acquaintances exchanged a few messages. At one point, police say, the student asked Greene if she is “kinky.” She responded, mysteriously: “I dont tell I show.”

Later in the day, while a football pep rally was going on, the substitute teacher and the student convened back in the classroom where he fondled her and she engaged in oral sex.

The student, a football player himself, asked Greene to engage in a number of sexual acts equal to the number on his football jersey, according to a tweet from NBC Washington reporter Mark Segraves.

The unidentified student’s football jersey number is not public knowledge. A brief perusal of the Options Panthers varsity football roster at MaxPreps shows a range of jersey numbers between 4 and 77. The jersey numbers for several players are not listed.

Police say the student also recorded a portion of Greene’s classroom oral sex performance without her knowledge.

There was more texting between Greene and the student over the weekend, including an admonishment from Greene that “it is not right for a student and teacher to have a relationship.”

Meanwhile, the student showed his classroom-made video to five buddies on the football team and a longtime friend, according to The Washington Post.

The video went viral among students at Options Charter. A teacher eventually watched it and reported it to school officials. They probably watched it, too, and then called police.

A police detective gathered evidence against the teacher by obtaining the student’s phone and pretending to be him in a text.

“Omg . . . don’t talk to me ever again,” Greene texted in the course of busting herself. “I’m bout to be put in jail.”

“This can ruin my whole life,” the teacher also texted. “[W]hy couldn’t u just keep it to urself.”

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