Democratic Operative Gets Called Out By His Own Brother For Failed Hit Job On GOP Candidate

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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An attempt to make David Perdue, the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia, look like a creepy old man by showing a video of him purportedly signing the stomach of a teenage girl backfired in grand fashion on Friday.

The website Buzzfeed published the video which was filmed by a political tracker with the Democratic operative group American Bridge.

“No pictures on this,” Purdue said jokingly.

But the moment was actually completely innocent, if not touching, as rather than signing the girl’s exposed skin, Perdue was autographing her diabetic pump.

The one she has because she has juvenile diabetes.

The one that she has had other prominent figures sign in the past in order to raise awareness of the affliction.

An added of layer of insensitivity was brought to light when the brother of American Bridge president Brad Woodhouse took to Twitter to remind him that he of all people should have known better.

Dallas Woodhouse, who is a former Republican strategist and has squared off against his brother in the past, reminded the operative that their father suffered from the disease as well.

Buzzfeed initially placed blame for the embarrassment on the American Bridge tracker by re-headlining the article “Tracker Fail.”

But a reporter called out Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith on Twitter, and he quickly issued a correction and changed the title.

The operative Woodhouse did not issue an apology, despite having retweeted a number of messages mocking Perdue before the context of the scene was brought to light. Instead, he retweeted a generic statement from American Bridge, which read “American Bridge posted this video as it was recorded without commentary. We regret any confusion it caused.”

“This was a Georgia family who shared their personal story of their struggle with ObamaCare and the rising health care costs associated with their daughter’s treatment which is not being covered by their insurance,” Perdue campaign spokeswoman Megan Whittemore told Buzzfeed in a statement.

Perdue is currently in a dead heat against Democrat Michelle Nunn.

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