MSNBC Pushes Gun Control Half An Hour Into Shooting Coverage [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Well that was fast. MSNBC’s coverage of the school shooting in Marysville, Washington began at 2:25 PM Eastern Time, but host Joy Reid couldn’t help but start pushing gun control right at 2:50.

In addition to that, you do have the prevalence, obviously, of guns in this country. It’s interesting that Washington state has two gun measures on the ballot in the upcoming election, the election is coming up November 4th. According to NBC political unit, we have Initiative 591 that would prevent the government from confiscating firearms without due process and prevent statewide background checks unless a federal standard is established. And then there’s another initiative, Initiative 594, that implements standardized background checks prior to any gun purchase, including private sales. Obviously, this is still unfolding, Jim. But we can’t have a conversation about school shootings without talking about the country’s gun laws.

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