Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes Off Terrorist Watch List, Finally [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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After a month, Weekly Standard senior writer Stephen Hayes is off the terrorist watch list. Hayes, also a Fox News contributor, tweeted the good news Friday afternoon.

Hayes was made aware of this in late September, as he had become subject to increased screening at airports, which he blamed on a one-way trip to Turkey. Hayes had made the announcement right as ISIS news was at it’s height. (RELATED: Stephen Hayes, Fox News Contributor And Weekly Standard Writer, Is On Terrorist Watch List)

Thankfully for Hayes, he was also given the “Winner of the Week” award by National Review editor Jonah Goldberg for the development when the two appeared alongside host Bret Baier and Kirsten Powers on “Special Report” Friday night.

“My winner this week is Steve Hayes. He is finally off the terrorist watch list. It remains to be seen if America is a loser by this premature action,” said Goldberg.