James O’Keefe’s Facebook Page Shut Down

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s personal Facebook account was shut down Friday.

O’Keefe was trending on Facebook Thursday after his group Project Veritas’ latest video captured Colorado-based Greenpeace official Christen Topping describing a “ghetto” neighborhood in Aurora where ballots could be found in garbage cans for use by those seeking to commit voter fraud. Greenpeace fired Topping Friday.

O’Keefe’s Facebook page was deactivated and inaccessible to him for approximately one hour Friday, according to Project Veritas. The group said it contacted Facebook but received no explanation for the deactivation.

“I was talking with a prominent national reporter about my account being shut down,” O’Keefe in a statement. “Within ninety seconds of that conversation, the account was mysteriously reactivated.”

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