Too Good: Youth Football Team Fined $500 For Scoring Too Many Points [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The Lawrenceville Black Knights are undefeated. But the Pop Warner football team’s latest win cost their parents $500.

The youth football team violated the league’s mercy rule with an interception returned for a touchdown by 8-year-old Elijah Burrell. League rules say no team shall be ahead by more than 33 points, lest the team face punishment.

Burrell’s touchdown, his first, happened when the score was 32-0.

The team was fined $500 for violating the rules and the team’s coach was suspended for a week.

It wasn’t just the score, however. WGCL-TV in Atlanta reports a witness said, “the team made a mockery of the game by laying on the ground, running off the field and mocking the other players,” displaying “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

A mother of one of the children, Chando John, told WGCL, “How do I explain to an 8-year-old kid that your coach has been suspended because your teammate unintentionally scored? It is hard having an 8-year-old in flight to think of everything everybody has said, other than ‘I need to make a touchdown.’”


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