Schlafly: Immigration Is Killing The American Family

Scott Greer Contributor
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Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly has risen to the forefront in the immigration debate and strongly believes that America’s increasing levels of immigration is not just bad for the economy, but also is harming the American family.

At 90 years old, Schlafly shows no sign of stopping her advocacy of conservative ideas. Her latest book, “Who Killed The American Family?“, addresses the various causes that, in her opinion, have hurt the family unit in the U.S.

According to Schlafly, one of the most overlooked factors behind the death of the American family is mass immigration.

“I think it’s [immigration] enormous,” the conservative activist told The Daily Caller in reference to mass immigration’s impact on the family.

Schlafly has noticed a disturbing trend among immigrants from Latin American countries that further erodes the traditional family unit. “They try to tell you they’re very pro-family, but they have a tremendously high illegitimacy rate,” she said.

According to the author, this illegitimacy rate leads many to depend on the government for their needs, rather than the family. This makes for weak families in Schlafly’s opinion and diminishes the core values that underlie America.

“When a woman has children without a husband to provide for her, she runs to ‘Big Brother’ government to support her,” she insisted. “There are people who think that they will profit by giving us big government to run our lives. That’s not the American way. That’s not what we wanted. When we started out, we were a country of intact families and we expanded to build the greatest middle-class in the world — prosperous and happy.”

“That seems to be gone now.”

Schlafly claims that is cost is ultimately placed on the American taxpayer, depriving them of resources to grow their own families.

The long-time conservative figure also believes that immigrants — particularly illegal immigrants — taking away jobs from American citizens has dire social consequences by “stealing” away opportunities to provide for and maintain strong families

“They come in for entry-level jobs and they’re taking jobs away from Americans. That I think is so bad, so disastrous,” Schlafly declared. “Our government ought to be opening up the doors for Americans to have these jobs. Instead, they’re closing them off to Americans and giving them to people who are stealing across the border or coming in illegally.”

To resolve the problem she sees in mass immigration, Schlafly calls for immediately securing our borders and mandating standards that ensure that those wishing to become citizens are “self-sufficient enough to come into this country and not be a burden on the taxpayer.”

To tackle the crisis with the American family, Schlafly proposes slashing the incentives to have children outside of traditional family arrangements and provide more benefits for intact families instead.

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