Topless High School Cheerleaders Doing Drugs!

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At least one parent in Arlington, Texas, is irate because, she claims, photos have been posted on social media that appear to show three Lamar High School cheerleaders drinking, doing illegal drugs and posing nude.

The photos show lines of cocaine and what appears to be a very impressive bong, according to CBS DFW. They also appear to show a girl with her hair draped over her otherwise exposed breasts and a girl laying down wearing pretty much nothing.

“I was disgusted,” said the parent — the mother of a cheerleader, her back turned to the camera and her voice muffled like a mob informant’s. “I was humiliated.”

“It’s a bad example for all of our children,” the unidentified mother added.

This particular parent is not the mother of any of the girls in the photos, she said.

The images first appeared at the beginning of the school year, CBS DFW reports.

The outraged mom said the cheerleaders have not been kicked off the cheerleading squad. It’s unclear if that’s true or what — if any — punishment school district officials have doled out.

“We take any matter seriously and we want to make sure that we are following our policies and guidelines and that is what was done in this situation,” school district spokeswoman Leslie Johnston told CBS DFW.

However, Johnston refused to divulge any additional details.

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