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A Challenge To Hypocrite Anti-gun Celebs & Politicians From A Cop

Deputy Matt Deputy Sheriff
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Like most of America, I enjoy going to the movies for a break from reality.  Like most of us, I enjoy a good action movie.  As a cop, who is well aware of the gritty reality faced by a large number of Americans who are woefully under-protected by their overburdened local law enforcement, I am dismayed by the gun control propaganda that escapes the lips of some of the stars of the very action movies I so enjoy watching.  In fact, some of the stars, such as Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, are so utterly hypocritical that I refuse to pay money to see any more of their movies.

Other celebrities, while less vocal on the matter, are nonetheless nearly as bad.  Actors such as Mark Wahlberg, who has done a number of excellent movies, such as Shooter and Lone Survivor, which accurately demonstrate a number of the reasons I fully support gun ownership, reportedly donate money made from said movies to causes like the “Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence”.   That just makes no sense to me.

For an even better example of unrivalled hypocrisy, one need look no further than politicians.  You see, unlike about two thirds of this country, I pay pretty close attention to the actions and words of politicians.  When the political champions of gun control, the people writing and passing anti-gun legislation are the very same people arrested for smuggling weapons, such as former CA Democrat State Senator Leland Yee, or are arrested while intoxicated and carrying a loaded, concealed handgun, as in the case of the Democrat Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed just days ago in Ferguson, I take note of those things.

In that regard, this is an open challenge to any anti-gun celebrity or politician out there, especially to those of you who are so outspoken on the issue.

Come ride with me on patrol for one week.  No camera crews, no security teams, no media, no Twitter feeds, no snap-chats, no nothing.  Just you and me, in a squad car, handling real patrol calls for service.  Come out and see what real Americans deal with on a daily basis.  Come see how ridiculously long some people have to wait to get help from the cops.  Come see what the average person’s inability to protect them self from an attacker results in.  Come see the victims, who if they had been armed, might have avoided the pain, injury, loss, hospital visits, or worse, the morgue.

I challenge you to come personally see why it is that 85% of cops nationwide, the very people who deal with “gun violence” daily do NOT support stricter gun control, why more than 90% of us feel that the presence of armed citizens at an active shooter event would significantly decrease the number of victims, and why the vast majority of us believe the “violence” problem we are facing in America today is due to the decline in parenting and lack of family values, and has nothing to do with a “gun culture” (source for those statistics: survey).

Other than four days out of your life, and the very real possibility that you might have your eyes opened and your opinion changed, what have you got to lose?


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Deputy Matt