Black Panthers: More Thompson Attacks [VIDEO]

Ben Smith Contributor
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The New Black Panther Party has come out in support of a Queens Muslim extremist who attacked police with a hatchet.

“It probably won’t be the last attack,” Queens chapter of the New Black Panther president Frank Sha Francois told the New York Post. Zale Thompson was not a member of the Queens chapter, but he did show up to meetings and focused on the topic of police brutality.

While Francois disagreed with the methods Thompson used, he still believes Thompson is a hero, “I don’t condone violence, but something needs to be done,” Francois said. He also said police needed more regulation and oversight.

Thompson, who hated white people, cops and sympathized with the jihadist mission, attacked four officers last week. Thompson attacked the officers using a blue hatchet and managed to strike and injure two of the officers before he was shot and killed. Thompson hit officer Joseph Meeker in the arm and officer Kenneth Healey in the back of the head. Both men are expected to survive.