Ingraham: Obama Admin Involved In ‘Six-Year Game Of Hiding The Ball’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham blasted the Obama administration and the news industry, saying on her show Monday the White House has been engaged in a “six-year game of hiding the ball.”

Ingraham made the comments in the wake of Monday’s news emanating from the soon-to-be released book by former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, which details CBS’s liberal bias and the lengths it went to to keep her stories, particularly those critical of the Obama administration, off the air.

Attkisson points out in her new book, “Stonewalled,” one instance where she was told to stop appearing on Ingraham’s radio show.

According to the New York Post:

“One angry CBS exec called to tell Attkisson that Ingraham is ‘extremely, extremely far right’ and that Attkisson shouldn’t appear on her show anymore. Attkisson was puzzled, noting that CBS reporters aren’t barred from appearing on lefty MSNBC shows.”

“What is CBS News so afraid of?” asked Ingraham. “One would think that when their reporters are getting incredibly powerful support and coverage and promotion in other venues, that’s a pretty big deal, right? This is a show that everyone from Mitt Romney to Bono has been on, for goodness sakes.”

“What they do is they don’t call her saying ‘great work, great work for advancing the narrative.’ They call her up to tell her to not go on the show anymore. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about CBS News…” said Ingraham.

“Where are the honest media people who call out this outrageous response from a so-called news organization?” the conservative commentator asked. “Are they all afraid? Are they all afraid of stepping on toes? Are they afraid of losing their access to the Obama administration? You have no access to the Obama administration! There is no access. They are giving you no access. There has been no transparency.”

“There has been a 6-year long game of hiding the ball on pretty much every major news story, except the few news stories that have been good for their political narrative,” she asserted.

Ingrham went on to note the killing of Osama Bin Laden as an example of a great story for the Obama administration, saying they were more than willing to give the blow-by-blow to every detail about the killing.

“They’ll give you that level of detail when the narrative actually works for them politically,” Ingraham added.