Kirstie Alley Makes CNN’s Jake Tapper An Extremely Intriguing Offer

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

It’s not as if TV people don’t make a good living.

Still, on Monday night actress Kirstie Alley (think TV’s Cheers, Looks Who’s Talking, and yo-yo dieting) felt the need to make CNN host Jake Tapper an extremely generous offer of using her vacation home in Maine.

And not just for him — the actress wants Tapper and his family to go there and enjoy a “sweet vacation” she thinks he deserves.

Alley’s Cape Cod style home “nestled on 16 acres on Islesboro Island,” at least according to the HGTV FrontDoor website, is for sale. The pictures are incredible — Tapper, you’d be a fool to not take her up on this. The decorating is something to be desired. It’s country chic meets a 5-year-old girl’s dollhouse. But it’s on a stunning lake and the porch has a fireplace.

As an added perk, Alley is a member of the Scientology church — so maybe the home has weird books or tchotchkes.

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