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Quote of the Day: 

“It’s hard to bully a girl who shoved her thong in a President’s face.”

— Larry Kelly, a follower of D.C. journos on Monica Lewinsky.

It’s official: The President will stay away 

“There are no plans for President to campaign in any of the key Senate races that will likely determine control of that chamber.” — Paul Brandus, a.k.a. West Wing Reports.

Is Ebola airborne or what? 

“No but late in illness, can spread through droplets to those within 3 feet from cough or if on ventilator being suctioned.” — ABC News Chief Medical Editor Richard Besser.

Naturally, Anthony Weiner assesses Mayor de Blasio

“The mayor travels a lot — not in a private jet and not to Bermuda, but still. Already, he’s gone on Italian vacation with his family; given a pep talk for the Labor Party in Great Britain and taken multiple trips to Washington to toot the progressive horn. While I couldn’t imagine wanting to leave the five boroughs in my first year as mayor, these trips do seem to help boost his brand of progressivism. The test will be in how he is able to leverage that fame for the good of New Yorkers.” — Weiner in a New York Daily News column.

BuzzFeed D.C. Bureau Chief heads to Mexico 

“Ok America off to Mexico City and points south for a week or so. Try not to open any internment camps for ebola workers while I’m gone.” — BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton.

A word on Kevin Drum’s cancer diagnosis…

“Best of luck to @kdrum. cancer is a f—ing bitch. Here’s hoping to a quick recovery.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein. Kevin Drum is a writer for Mother Jones. More on Drum’s diagnosis here.

Piers Morgan to most everyone: Shut Up 

“Love American trolls telling me I have ‘no right’ to debate their rights. Check the 1st Amendment, my friends.” — Daily Mail‘s editor-at-large Piers Morgan.

On Campaigning…

“Rick Scott’s wife starts events remember ing couple’s far less wealthy days, when they slept in sleeping bags before he went to law school.” — NYT political reporter Michael Barbaro.

FLOTUS for Senator? 

“DiFi tells @crowleyCNN she doesn’t know what she’ll be doing in 2018 (as in, retire) but that she’d be flattered if FLOTUS sought her seat.” — CNN’s Erin McPike.

A note of thanks to “Meet the Press” 

“Friday news dump: this Sunday I’m scheduled to make my debut as a panelist on @meetthepress –thankful for the opportunity.” — NBC’s Luke Russert on his first appearance as an official panelist on his late father’s show.


UH OH: “Well this is alarming.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.