New Hampshire Voters On Elizabeth Warren: She’s Inexperienced, Just Like Obama [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Several New Hampshire voters interviewed by NBC News reporter Kacie Hunt said they are concerned about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s lack of experience.

Warren, from Massachusetts, will only have four years of legislative experience before a possible 2016 campaign, exactly the same amount of time President Obama had accrued at the time of his run for the White House in 2008.

Meanwhile, her likely Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has been, among other titles, the first lady, a U.S. senator, and most recently secretary of state.

Hunt was in New Hampshire to see Warren campaign for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen against GOP nominee Scott Brown, who Warren defeated in 2012 for the Senate in the neighboring state.

Hunt told the “Morning Joe” crew Monday there are voters “who are worried about her level of experience,” and noted they drew a comparison between her and President Obama.

“Well, we’ve tried this thing with someone who was just in the Senate for a little while and sent him to the White House,” said Hunt, expressing voter’s sentiments.

“Maybe that didn’t work out so well,” voters strikingly revealed to the reporter.

The NBC News correspondent also reported that among those who attended in support of a possible 2016 run were older members of the electorate, and not the younger generation more closely associated with being anti-Wall Street and against big business.

“The crowd was grayer than it was full of students,” reported Hunt. “The people that showed up to see Elizabeth Warren are the hardcore, Democratic activists, the people who have been working in New Hampshire politics for many decades.”

She added that it was an “interesting contrast because the assumption is that Warren is someone who appeals to students.”