Amazing : 3-Year-Old Trick Shot Titus Takes On The Kansas Capitol Building [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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If you haven’t heard of Trick Shot Titus, the 3-year-old basketball phenom, you’ve been missing out. Videos of him making amazing basketball shots have gone viral, landing him on TV and shocking people around the country, including many of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Well, he’s back. And this time he’s taking on the capitol building in Kansas.

In his latest video, featuring a cameo appearance by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Titus makes some bounce-shots over his sister and brother, which are all well and good, but that’s nothing compared with what was to come.

Titus takes it up a notch by shooting swishes from the second floor to the first, the third to the second, and the third to the first. But these aren’t normal floors of about 10 feet, they’re in the Capitol Rotunda and are 20 or 30 feet each level.