HHS: Obamacare Cancellations Aren’t ‘Losing Insurance’ — They’re An Invitation To Obamacare

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The millions of health insurance cancellations caused by Obamacare don’t mean people are “losing insurance,” according to a top Health and Human Services official — they just mean people are being invited to join an Obamacare exchange.

HHS regional director Joanne Grossie spoke to the Virginia legislature about widespread cancellations. At least 250,000 Virginians will be losing their health insurance Jan. 1 because they don’t meet Obamacare regulations. (RELATED: Obamacare To Cancel Health Plans For 250,000 Virginians)

Republican state Sen. Jeff McWaters asked Grossie whether HHS knows how many people are going to lose coverage, but Grossie took issue with the idea that customers are even losing insurance.

“If you got one of the notices that your policy was going to be discontinued because it didn’t adhere to the law, it meant that now you could go into the health-insurance marketplace,” Grossie said.

“So, I just want to remind you that you weren’t losing insurance, you were just losing that insurance plan and were now being invited to go into the health insurance marketplace,” she finished.

When asked whether she would agree that customers costs went up, Grossie evaded the question and slammed the quality of the canceled plans.

“I think it’s actually fair to say they weren’t good health insurance plans,” Grossie argued, “If you’re going to look at it that way, yes it costs more — it’d be the same as if I’d bought a Ford Focus or a Cadillac.”

The Virginia Republican Party is already using the video as an attack on Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who voted for the health-care law and is running for re-election against Republican nominee Ed Gillespie.

Virginia will feel the brunt of this year’s Obamacare cancellations in the individual market, but another 50,000 plans nationwide will be canceled this fall as well. (RELATED: Obamacare Will Cancel 50,000 More Plans Before November)

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