Jay Carney: ‘Democrats Are Going To Have A Bad Election No Matter How You Slice It’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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With just one week until the midterm elections, things are not shaking out too well for for Democrats no matter “how you slice it.”

You know it’s bad when the person saying that is former Obama spokesman Jay Carney.

According to Carney, now a political analyst for CNN, Democrats are in for a tough midterm election, telling CNN host Jake Tapper and fellow analyst Bill Kristol, “Democrats are going to have a bad election day, no matter how you slice it.”

“Republicans will pick up seats in the Senate and the House, and may win control of the Senate,” added the former White House flack.

Carney went on to say the key for each party is getting out base votes, which includes minority voters for the Democratic base.

“They need to mobilize their base voters and that’s especially true of minority voters, and they are playing hardball too. Equating support for stand your ground law which is bad policy and bad law doesn’t mean you supported the action that took Trayvon Martin’s life,” said Carney. “So that’s the kind of rough ad that similar to the one we saw from the Republican. I think we’ve come to expect that and…hopefully a lot of voters tune it out.”