Mark Steyn: Obama Owes Americans ‘Candor And Truth’ On Islamic Extremism [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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After a handful of attacks that appear to have been “lone wolf” terrorist acts in North America, conservative commentator Mark Steyn believes the Obama administration needs to stop being “cowardly” when facing Islamic extremism and tell the American people the truth on the matter.

Steyn, appearing on “Hannity” Monday night, also noted the similarities of the attackers.

“I think cowardly is the word, because it tells our enemies that we don’t have the will even to acknowledge the enemy that we’re trying to fight,” said Steyn. “They want to make this about just a few isolated mentally ill people here and there who suddenly decide to attack a policeman or attack a soldier or behead a woman in her place of work in Oklahoma.”

“In fact, every story is slightly different, and yet they’re all the same. They’re all recent converts to Islam. They all have Facebook pages and other social media that make it clear that in fact they’re Islamic State fan boys, and if you don’t — if your object is to terrorize — I mean, this is core terrorism,” said Steyn, a frequent guest host of Rush Limbaugh’s show.

“It’s not even about strategic goals, like sinking a warship. It’s just about killing the infidel,” Steyn added. “And they’re actually quite effective at inspiring people to do that, and the president owes us some candor and truth when he talks about this.”