NBC Journo: White House May Have Coordinated Ebola Question With Reporter [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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NBC’s Luke Russert speculated after President Barack Obama’s Ebola address that the only question Obama took from reporters was coordinated in advance with the help of White House staff.

“Why do we have different regulation it seems between those individuals who are going over there voluntarily, who are giving up their time and medical capacity, as opposed to the military? Well, there was not a real clear answer upon that, some saying that the military is having more stringent quarantine rules, why shouldn’t the average population who goes over there, the common citizen have that?

You saw Obama take a question on that. It was unexpected that he would take a question. I’m just going to speculate: that may have been one that an aide ahead of time told a reporter, ‘Go ahead, you might get this one answered,’ because they wanted to be more clear on it.”

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