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‘Uncle’ Thom Tillis Blasted At Hagan Rally

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Thom Tillis is running for the Senate, he’s a Republican, and it’s a week until the election. Therefore, you can say anything you want about him, regardless of whether it’s true or even makes sense.

Washington Free Beacon:

North Carolina congressional candidate Alma Adams referred to Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s opponent Thom Tillis as “Uncle Tom” during a campaign rally Saturday…

Hillary Clinton was also on hand to stump for Hagan, and the former Secretary of State lavished praise on Adams as she attempted to battle her way into Congress.

I’m not sure how Tillis is an “Uncle Tom,” exactly… but I don’t think I’m allowed to delineate my confusion.

The point is, his first name is Thom, and clearly Alma Adams doesn’t like him. That’s good enough for me.