Victoria’s Secret Ad Sparks Meaningless Controversy For Featuring Attractive Models

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Victoria’s Secret launched a campaign in the U.K. for its newest push-up bra, and the ad features several of the brand’s usual faces — Candice Swanepoel, Lily Adridge, Behati Prinsloo — all dressed in different color versions of the bra, with the slogan “The Perfect ‘Body'” in front of them.

(Photo: Victoria's Secret)

(Photo: Victoria’s Secret)

Because the word body is featured in quotations in the slogan, it is obvious the company is not referring to the models’ bodies as perfect, but the body of the bra, which claims to have the “perfect shape” and “perfect coverage.”

However, it seems as if a lot of people missed that message, or didn’t care, got angry and started a petition against the retailer on, demanding the company apologize and change its slogan.

(Photo: screen capture)

(Photo: screen capture)

The ad is not wholly unusual for Victoria’s Secret. It is a lingerie retailer that’s been around for 40 years, and the only way for a lingerie company to properly market is to show off its product.

Those who have a problem with the advertisement wrote a letter to the company, deeming its message “damaging” and “unhealthy.”



Besides the “perfect body” complaint, a lot of people are also complaining that the ad features slender, attractive models. However, take a quick look around at any storefront or magazine ad, and other companies do the same thing. So, unless those offended by this ad are going to petition every other ad in the universe, petitioning only Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie company, is a little moronic.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show returns to London in December.

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