Jake Tapper: Obama An ‘Albatross’ On Dem Candidates [AUDIO]

Al Weaver | Reporter

In a Thursday interview, CNN host Jake Tapper told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham that President Obama is an “albatross” for Democrats with only five days left before the midterm election.

Discussing the looming election, Tapper used the primary loss of former Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney’s after an 18 year tenure in the House. The CNN host said the idea of hammering home at incumbency, as was done to Tierney, for a challenger can be an extremely effective tool in the kit.

“If that sentiment in a, among Democratic voters in a Democratic state, and we know Republicans feel that way too, and we know that independents feel that way even more. I think there is a real anti-incumbent that is going on,” said Tapper.

“You talk about disappointment in leadership, in our last CNN poll, it was something like 72 percent did not approve of leadership in this country,” noted Tapper. “That’s an astounding number of people who just don’t like the way we’re being governed, and it wasn’t Obama-specific even though…”

“Oh come on Jake. He’s a total drag on the ticket,” Ingraham remarked.

“Of course,” Tapper agreed. “He’s very unpopular. He’s an albatross on Democrats. No question,”

Tapper went on to explain that while Obama’s positive marks are low, Congress also has extremely low approval ratings as well, and referenced again that almost 3/4th of the voting electorate dislike their leadership, no matter who it is.

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