New Polls Show Dem Incumbents Struggling Mightily As Trends Point GOP’s Way

Al Weaver Reporter
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Could a Republican wave be on tap with next Tuesday’s election just five days away? If the latest polls are any indication, it sure seems that way.

In a bundle of new polls, trend lines are moving in the GOP’s way and against incumbent Democratic senators with Tom Cotton and Cory Gardner both leading big in Arkansas and Colorado, respectively, while Scott Brown and Thom Tillis are either tied or within a point of Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kay Hagan.

Cotton, who’s been pulling away from incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor lately, leads by 13 points in the latest Arkansas Poll, a yearly poll that has not taken a look at any race since last October.

Cotton also leads in the RealClearPolitics poll average by a seven point margin.

In Colorado, Cory Gardner continues to maintain an edge over Democrat Mark Udall, who leads 46-39 and 46-44 according to the latest Quinnipiac and Denver Post polls, respectively. Gardner also leads Udall by 3.6 points in the latest RCP average.

Meanwhile in New Hampshire and North Carolina, the aforementioned GOP challengers Brown and Tillis are both trending upward, with Brown and Sen. Shaheen tied, according to the latest ARG Poll, and Tillis down by a single point in the most recent PPP Poll.

In ARG’s Shaheen/Brown poll released at the end of September, the incumbent Democrat was up by 10 points (53-43), with another last week showing Brown down by one. In North Carolina, Tillis was down 47-44 in PPP’s previously released poll nearly two weeks ago.

The two candidates trail by about two points, according to RCP’s averages.