CrossFitter Very Nearly Kills It [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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I hate CrossFit. Not the idea. Just the people who do it.
Exercise is important, but when you think you’re the man because you can snatch 125 lb’s, odds are you start to ignore important safety protocols and things like this will happen.

News Flash: You don’t got it.

It’s great that the CrossFit movement has mobilized a generation to become interested in health and fitness; it’s NOT great that the movement has cluttered my newsfeed with videos of other people working out, often with poor form.

You should want to be fit because it’s good for you, not so you can brag to the world about how you PR’d during the “Workout of the Day.” No matter how many times you do “Fran,” you’ll never be Rich Froning, so quit pretending you are.


More than anything, CrossFit makes you cocky, and when you’re lifting weights this can lead to disaster.

PS – Something tells me the young lad in the “trainer” shirt isn’t exactly certified.