Fliers Claiming To Be From ISIS Found Near Marine Base In Virginia

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Federal agents are investigating threatening fliers claiming to be from ISIS operatives found near the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.

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This fliers claiming to be from ISIS was found near the Marine Base at Quantico, VA

The Daily Caller learned a message was sent to senior base officials announcing the discovery of roughly half a dozen fliers by a contractor who works on the base. The fliers depict the ISIS flag upside down and have religious writing in Arabic and ends with what roughly translates to “We are here from Mexico and came by train.”

Base brass notified relevant agencies who are investigating the discovery, and NCIS has made a preliminary assessment that it’s possible, but “unlikely” from ISIS.

Major Andrew Bormann, spokesman for the base, said, “Security personnel from the base informed the town of Quantico, the FBI and NCIS. While these leaflets may be a hoax, base officials are taking their discovery seriously.”