HuffPo Editor: McConnell Using ‘George Wallace’s Old Language’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on MSNBC’s “Now w/Alex Wagner,” Huffington Post editor Howard Fineman claimed that Republican Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was using “George Wallace’s old language” when he claimed there was “not a dime’s worth of difference” between an Obama Democrat and a Clinton Democrat.

FINEMAN: Well, it’s interesting, in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s line has been, ‘There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between an Obama Democrat and a Clinton Democrat.’

WAGNER: You channel McConnell so well, Howard.

FINEMAN: But no, the point there is — two points there. First of all, he’s using George Wallace’s old language about a dime’s worth of difference. And second, it’s a tribute to Bill Clinton in that Mitch McConnell thinks he has to smudge Bill Clinton with the Barack Obama, you know, reputation at this point.

Alabama Governor George Wallace said that there was not a “dime’s worth of difference” between Republicans and Democrats during his 1968 presidential run on a third-party segregationist platform. None of the other media outlets that have covered McConnell’s comment saw the need to compare him with Wallace.

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