Morning Joe Dishonestly Attacks GOP Congressman With Edited Debate Clip [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had a laugh at the expense of New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm for an embarrassing moment during his debate with Democratic opponent Domenic Recchia, when he couldn’t name the most recent book he had read.

Host Mika Brzezinski and MSNBC contributor Thomas Roberts began by reading a State Island Advance editorial endorsing Grimm, despite the 20 federal indictments pending against the Staten Island Republican. The rationale was that despite Grimm’s indictments, “his opponent’s astonishing incoherence in public statements only adds to the ridiculousness.” (RELATED: Mediaite: ‘Morning Joe’ Among Worst Shows On Cable News)

But Roberts noted sarcastically that Grimm was “faced with a headscratcher during Tuesday’s debate,” playing the video of the event:

MODERATOR: Mr. Grimm, what’s the last book you read?

GRIMM: Wow, it’s been while.  I haven’t had time to read. I think it was a Tom Clancy book, and I don’t remember the name.

MODERATOR: (Laughing) These are not supposed to be stumpers.


An embarrassing moment, posted on Msnbc.com’s front page under the title “Candidate fumbles softball question.” And coupled with the paper’s statement about how Grimm’s opponent is inarticulate, it also seemingly makes the Staten Island Advance look foolish.

But MSNBC only presented half the story. The truth is that both Grimm and his opponent couldn’t name what book they had read. Here’s the part of the exchange MSNBC edited out:

MODERATOR: (Laughing) These are not supposed to be stumpers. Mr. Recchia?

GRIMM: Working twelve to fourteen hours, you don’t get to read books.

RECCHIA: We’re on the campaign trail. We’re talking to people.


Every other outlet, liberal and mainstream alike, covered the incident with an eye on both candidates. Among the headlines:

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