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Quote of the Day:

“She’s not magical like Bill, but she learn. She’s smart. She works hard.”

— MSNBC’s Chris Matthews at The Atlantic/Aspen Institute Ideas Forum discussing Hillary Clinton‘s impending run for President in 2016.

CONGRATULATIONS WAPO! No women in charge. 

“Washington Post will soon have an all-male masthead.” — WaPo‘s David Nakamura. See the proof here.

Journo in paralysis about what book to read

“I’ve got a five-hour train journey later this week and I’ve got a sort of excited paralysis over choosing what book to take and read.” — The Guardian‘s Simon Ricketts.

Time to make fun of my boss…Tucker Carlson 


Who could the guy ripping off his mask possibly be? 


Yes, it’s weird, but he sometimes wears these brown Flintstone shorts around the office.  


To himself…’This isn’t such a bad look, right? I hate to admit it, but I LOVE these polyester jodhpurs. They’re UNBELIEVABLE!’ 

Ronan Farrow’s bizarre reaction to Tim Cook’s ‘I’m gay’ announcement

“But when will Tim Cook come out about Apple Maps directing me to the bottom of the ocean every time I just want to get to Starbucks?” — MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, who refuses to identify as gay, straight or bisexual. Cook is the CEO of Apple and came out of the closet this week. In other words, yes, he’s a homosexual.

Speaking of Cook’s coming out…

“Call me crazy, but I couldn’t care less what the guy who runs the company that made my phone does with his genitals.” — Daily Caller contributor Derek Hunter.

Breitbart editor questions concept of pride

“If you’re proud to be gay, straight, black, white… that’s kinda sad.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.

Journo: If you hate Taylor Swift stay the hell away

“Spreading misinformation about Ebola or hating on Taylor Swift are two sure-fire ways to get unfollowed by me. Mix the two& I might explode.” — Jane Timm, MSNBC reporter and producer, “Morning Joe.”

Watch out, a menacing Politico reporter weighs in…

“Anyone messes w/ T-Swift they have to deal with ME.” — Politico Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White.

And now… let’s check up on BuzzFeed‘s D.C. Bureau Chief in Mexico

“Just purposefully electrocuted myself not once, but twice, with a group of Mexican business men. I love this country. …Apparently it’s a thing here. You pay a dude a couple pasos to electrocute you.” —BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton. He added, “So if you ever need to sober up, electrocute yourself. It’s the best pick me up this side of amphetamines.”