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SOLD On eBay! Ben Bradlee Funeral Program With Woodward And Bernstein Autographs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Signing autographs at a funeral? Who does that?

Well, it turns out, a professional autographer sold a signed copy of the late Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee‘s funeral program and sold it on eBay for $299.99. And which tacky journalists signed the funeral program for the grapher?

That would be none other than WaPo‘s famed duo of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, both of whom gave moving, tear-jerker eulogies of Bradlee Wednesday at the National Cathedral. After the weeping, they each gave in to their classless This Town tendencies of focusing on their fame rather than fully respecting and honoring their old editor. Guess it could be worse — think Woodward & Bernstein funeral selfies.

As tone deaf as all of this was, the program actually sold in two days!

An embarrassing side note: If you’re President Obama, your autograph only goes for $29.99 and still hasn’t sold, lingering miserably on the grapher’s eBay list. At least the famous journos know their worth.

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