White House To Give Out Candy, Butter Cookies Despite First Lady’s Anti-Junk Food Activism

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The White House plans to give children candy and sweet dough butter cookies for Halloween, despite First Lady Michelle Obama’s staunch opposition to junk food.

The White House, which is hosting about 4,500 people for Halloween, including military families and children from D.C., Virginia and Maryland elementary schools, is stocking up with food that Michelle Obama hates for other people to eat.

The First Couple will oversee the distribution of “A box of White House Hershey Kisses, a bag of black licorice and orange tangerine jelly beans, a White House Sweet Dough Butter Cookie, z Gala apple, Kettle Corn, Bo and Sunny baseball cards, an assortment of candies” to each child visitor.

The White House Halloween Cookie Recipe includes a pound of sugar and two pounds of butter for three pounds of all purpose flour.

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