Chuck Todd: Dems ‘Desperate’ To Make Party About Bill Clinton Once Again

Al Weaver Reporter
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The worst kept secret is back out in the open: Democrats really, really want the party to return to the days of Bill Clinton and not remain with the current state of affairs with Barack Obama — according to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, that is.

During a quick chat with the show’s panel Sunday, Todd said that while Democrats may not be all in for Hillary at this point, they do wish Bill Clinton was the next presumptive candidate, saying Democrats are “desperate” for a return of the party to the days of Bill Clinton.

“Has Hillary Clinton had a good enough 2014 to change the party from the party of Obama back to a party of the Clintons?” Todd asked panelist and former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

“Well, look, that’s going to be a process that takes more time than just 2014. I don’t think she has had a particularly good run with the book. I wouldn’t have done as many interviews as she did. I think they hastened the process of Republican attacks, which were certainly going to come,” said Gibbs.”I would have waited.”

“I will say, as a Democrat sitting here, you have to be impressed with what Rand Paul was saying,” Gibbs said. “To have a positive talking point before the election is hugely important. I think Jeb Bush is also one to watch.”

“It’s interesting on the Clintons here. In the south, Democrats are desperate for the party to become the party of Bill Clinton again. I don’t know if they’re all in on Hillary, but they wish Bill Clinton could be running,” Todd said, with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell adding that the 43rd President has been the Democrats most popular surrogate.