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Wounded Warrior: Americans Don’t Appreciate Their Freedom

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Jason Redman did numerous tours as a Navy SEAL, but in 2007, he and his comrades were ambushed in Iraq — leaving the native Ohioan grievously injured. Yet, like many of his fellow soldiers, he was determined to overcome the challenge.

When an American has been through 37 surgeries after facing near death so that others can live free, we can at least spare 15 minutes for this video interview with a hero of ours.

In starting to answer how he believes citizens should interact with veterans and wounded warriors, he stated that most Americans “have no appreciation for the freedom we live in. Freedom has become something no different from the air we breathe in, day in and out.”

He continues, “Freedom, like air, is very readily missed when suddenly it’s taken away.”

While Jason hears the “Thank you for your service” often, he recommends instead, “I really appreciate my freedom to do what I do every day, because of what you have done.”

The sign posted on his door at Bethesda Naval Hospital went viral. It happened when one too many visitors expressed pity for him. This sign expressed the characteristic tenacity, fortitude and resilience he thinks most of our military families tap into to overcome their serious challenges.

Today, his motivating mission and tagline is “Helping Warriors Rediscover the Hero Within through Pride, Power, Purpose, and Peace.”

On American politics, Redman thinks we are “politically correcting ourselves out of a nation.” Specifically, he says, “The threat of radical Islam is a very, very real threat and it very much concerns me that a lot of American citizens seem to dismiss it.”

He saw this firsthand when he saw “family members were willing to kill their own family members for their beliefs.” Reacting to ISIS beheadings, he says, “It won’t stop unless we go over there and stop it.”

On Benghazi, Redman says the hardest part was seeing no rescue attempt for those under attack on September 11, 2012. He said, “I know the capabilities of the U.S. military. I know the speed at which information can travel and the speed at which decisions can be made.”

“We unequivocally have the assets” to have helped them, “had the right decisions been made,” he continued. He lays blame at the State Department, but then mentions that you can’t invade air space without clearance from the commander in chief, reminding us that this is “above his pay grade.”

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