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Kaci Hickox: Sorry, Everybody, I’ll Stay Away From You With The Ebola I Definitely Don’t Have

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As you watch the following, note that “Nurse” Hickox is doing what she’s doing because she wants to, not because you want her to. You can’t tell her what to do! But all the same, she’s sorry for the fuss. Or something.

Here’s America’s Sweetheart, auditioning for The View:

If Hickox isn’t infectious, as she’s 100% certain she’s not, why is she self-quarantining? If there’s no scientific basis for staying away from other people, if it’s just “an abundance of politics,” why is she doing it? If she really believes what she’s saying, why isn’t she proving everyone wrong?

As I’ve said before, I hope she’s right. I hope everybody’s worrying for nothing. But it sounds like she’s already starting to think about what she’ll say if she’s wrong.

If the science isn’t settled.

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Jim Treacher