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Do Not Download the VoteStand App, Because There’s No Such Thing As Voter Fraud

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As we all know, voter fraud doesn’t exist. Besides, who cares about a little voter fraud anyway?

Nonetheless, those crazy teabaggers at True the Vote have created a dumb app so all you other wingnuts can indulge your fantasies about stuff that never, ever happens:

Help keep American elections clean and fair! VoteStand is the first anti-voter-fraud application ever. By using VoteStand, you can help keep the American promise of “one person, one vote.”

With its simple to use interface, VoteStand allows users to easily capture and report apparent voter fraud as it happens.

Download VoteStand today and help restore faith in the American electoral process.

– Capture incidents of voter fraud in real time
– Send photos of the incident
– Add a textual description of the incident
– Share the location of the incident
– Live newsfeed showing reported incidents in real time

This is just stupid. Not only is voter fraud a complete myth, but what good is a phone app to a bunch of unevolved proto-humans without opposable thumbs?

Whatever else you do today, do not download VoteStand right now.

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Jim Treacher