Duck Dynasty Star: I’d ‘Clean Out More Bureaucracy Than I Shoot Ducks’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson told Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday night that he’d do away with a large part of the government and clean out more bureaucracy “than I shoot ducks.”

Appearing with his nephew, Zach Dasher, a candidate in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District, Robertson and Hannity discussed what America needs to do to return to prosperity, in their opinions.

“If I was running for office, I would want my government — I’d fight to declare that radical Islam is the enemy of this country and I would call it what it is right now. OK, one. I would secure America’s borders, number two, I think it’s immoral to rob our children and spend more money than we take in. I’d spend within our means and balance the budget,” said the Fox News host. “I’d have an alternative to Obamacare, a free market alternative. I’d have school choice in education, and I’d have energy independence. Simple, but I think would make a big difference.”

“I like it, Sean,” began the Duck Dynasty star, “But I would just add, to begin with, is I would cut the government in about half of what it is now, and I’d clean out more bureaucracy than I shoot ducks.”

Later in the segment, Hannity endorsed Dasher’s campaign, noting he’d vote for him instantly if he were a West Monroe, La., native.