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Quote of the Day:

“Tuesday is be kind to a liberal day.”

— blogger Matt Drudge.

And now for a ridiculously dumb reaction to Harkin’s dumb comment

“Note to Democrats like Tom Harkin: Women are capable of being attractive AND good candidates at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking.” — Townhall‘s over-emotional Katie Pavlich. 

Defending Lena Dunham

“What’s sad is so many on the Right’s inability to see the intellectual dishonesty in their attack Dunham. Even if you believe the worst all.”  — conservative blogger Dan Riehl.

Deep Thoughts With Spencer Ackerman

“Something strangely liberating about deleting an entire file containing a lede you can’t make work & starting entirely over.” — The Guardian‘s Spencer Ackerman, a third-tier Boybander.

WTF? Just In Case You Think You’re Having a Tough Day

“27-year-old Cleveland man kidnapped & stuffed into trunk on Monday by 4 masked men. Victim released today. FBI investigating.” — 19 Action News’ Scott Taylor.

How To Make It All About Me On Election Day 

“It’s amazing how the party I’m accused of ‘carrying water for’ always ends up doing better in the election. I must have a lot of power.” — PoliticalWire‘s Taegan Goddard.

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Remember, if you have to vote today, at least shower before going to work.” — The Daily Caller‘s J. Arthur Bloom.


“Any bros out there throwing a bro election night watch party? If so, please let me come. I’ll even bring beer and wear a baseball cap.” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery.

The Observer

“Congrats to all the candidates. You guys fought so hard, for so long, over matters, often, so trivial. Truly impressive.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

What passes for shoe leather reporting in Washington 

“Voting in D.C. today and see something fishy? Let me know.” — Washington City Paper‘s super impressive Will Sommer.

Angry journo will not be voting today

“Not voting today because of the incompetent woman at the DMV messing up my voter registration when I moved back to VA. Thanks Obama.” — Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch.

Journo gets deeply inspired by 5,000th follower

“The @ObamaSucks16 blog is my 5,000th follower. Thank you all. I’m going to work harder than ever. Let’s keep telling the truth. #Onward.” — The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley.

Hear her roar!!!!

“Please tell me more about what I, as a woman, love most, male guest on CNN.” — HuffPost’s Elise Foley linking to this story regarding the viral catcalling video.

Maybe someone needs to watch that catcalling video? 

“A young man offered me his seat on the subway. I hope that doesn’t mean that I look pregnant or old. #nycmoment” — Nancy Trejos, USA Today travel writer, formerly with WaPo

WHOSE NECK IS THIS? (Something new that was obviously desperately needed: The voting selfie)


“I just did. Now, when will YOU? #vote” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart.