Multicultural Education Conference Will Tackle ‘Hierarchies’ At Swanky El Conquistador Resort

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The National Association for Multicultural Education is holding a conference this week in Tucson, Ariz. entitled “Dismantling Fronteras through Multicultural Education: Con Comunidad, Cariño y Coraje.”

The brave and revolutionary conference will begin Wednesday and run through the weekend at a resort called “El Conquistador,” the Arizona Daily Independent reports.

The full name of the fancypants, four-star resort is the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort.

“Conquistador” is a word that means “conqueror” and which specifically refers to the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and parts of South America.

At the $200-per-night resort, conference attendees will discuss “hierarchies” including “rich over poor” and “citizen over recent arrival.”

“Dismantling fronteras is no easy task,” according to conference organizers, because “strong forces are at play to keep people divided and power in the hands of the privileged few.”

Attendees will have plenty of time to discuss these issues amid a relaxing atmosphere in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Perks of the resort include four swimming pools, four restaurants, “45 holes of championship golf and 31 tennis courts.”

They can strategize for “building capacity for social change” and building “a sense of comunidad (community), filled with cariño (loving care) and the coraje (courage).” But if they need a break, the 143-ft. water slide and “hot and cold jetted tubs” beckon.

At Three Sonorans, an Arizona opinion blog, David Abie Morales notes the extraordinary irony.

“Someone has to serve the attendees and wash their dishes and clean their rooms and landscape after all … so much diversity at The Conqueror Hotel!” Morales writes.

“That’s right, the conference about decolonization will take place at The Conqueror.”

He notes that the conference analyzing “rich and poor” — perhaps over margaritas on a lovely terrace — will definitely be far, far away from anyone who is actually poor (unless they are serving drinks or shining shoes).

“Oh, don’t worry, there will be tours of the barrio, but you have to travel down the mountain to get there,” he  explains. “Heck maybe you can write an article for publication about your brave trip to the hood … the pictures you take on your new iPhone can prove you were there.”

“Glitz and glamour in the whitest and richest part of the Tucson metropolitan area is the perfect place for a multicultural conference,” he adds.

The list of keynote speakers at the swanky resort is a veritable who’s who of radical professors in backwater humanities and education departments.

The registration fee for conference attendees who signed up on time is $315. That sum includes two receptions, two luncheons, a posh president’s banquet and, of course, conference materials and activities, notes the Independent.

Users at Trip Advisor rank the “El Conquistador” resort #25 of 128 hotels in the Tucson area. Happy reviewers rave about the “gorgeous” grounds and the “stunning” scenery. Bed linens are “beautifully ironed.” “The sunset evenings from the hot tub” are “spectacular.”

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