Rob Portman: GOP Senatorial Committee Had Best Month Of All Time [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) had its best month in its 98-year history in October, said it’s vice chairman for finance Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

Portman told the Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer that the record month shows that Republicans have the momentum in the midterm elections. (RELATED:Ted Cruz: Republicans On Verge Of ‘Historic Election’)

PORTMAN: We are doing really well. We just reported today, Bill, that we had a record month in October of over $17 million. I think it’s representative of the enthusiasm and energy on our side right now, there’s a lot of momentum. A lot of donors were donor who gave online or through direct mail and want to see the Senate Majority because they want to get the gridlock behind us and get moving on a Republican agenda.

HEMMER: If that’s a record for Republicans, how did that stack up to Democrats?

PORTMAN: We don’t know yet. They don’t have to report for another week and they haven’t reported yet. But we are reporting today and really proud of it. We’ll see if the Democrats are proud of their results in October. But this is for us, it’s the best month ever in the history of the Republican Senatorial Committee. Again, it reflects the fact that a lot of our donors are really excited about the prospect of getting a majority.

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