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10 Dumbest Tweets: The Election Day Edition

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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We’ll do a special edition of this today because, well, there’s no shortage of material. And because everyone appears to be over tweeting in the last 24 hours, just for today we’ll double the number. Enjoy!

CNN contributor weirdly spins Wendy Davis’ loss into a win

10. “CNN calls #TX for Abbott. But @WendyDavisTexas remains a rising star, in a state with a rising Democratic electorate. Thank you, Wendy!” — Sally Kohn, a CNN contributor and Daily Beast columnist.

Terribly unfunny election day humor

9. “Great, I forgot to wear my lucky watch on Election Day. There goes my write-in campaign.” — Washingtonian‘s Ben Freed.


The Twitter hall monitor 

8. “Reminder to unschedule all your tweets. …Don’t tweet police scanners, don’t tweet early polls.” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.

Journo changes his clock 

7. “New speed record – only took 2 days to get on step ladder and turn back kitchen clock.” — USA Today‘s Paul Singer.

Humblebrag 101

6. “Through the magic of science, I am about to appear on MSNBC without leaving the New York Times Building.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro. Hey Josh, lots of newsrooms have remote setups these days. Ever heard of WaPo?

Politico congressional reporter thinks about the Spice Girls 

5. “The Spice Girls have the ‘catchiest’ song ever??? I am praying that I get hit by a comet.” — Politico senior congressional report John Bresnahan at 11:09 p.m. Monday.

Like we need another f–king explainer story

4. “Exit polls, explained.” — editor-in-chief Ezra Klein.

Tardy Kanye thinks you should vote 

3. “The midterms are extremely important…I know it’s last minute, but if you haven’t voted, please vote today.” — Kanye West at around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Dumb questions deserve dumb answers

2. “I’m tired of writing about this election. When does it end?” — National Journal‘s relentless tweeter Ron Fournier. To answer his question, it ends when Fournier stops torturing us with his blather. Can we please find him a hobby that doesn’t involve a computer? Note to readers: Send me suggestions and I’ll put together a “Top 10 Things Ron Fournier Ought to Do Besides Tweet” list. Send to or  

Senator’s daughter self-describes as ‘cheeseball’ 

1. “I love the night before an election day – because I am a cheeseball and America and democracy makes me feel hopeful about the future.” — Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who hosts some show called Take Part Live.