Captain Jack Sparrow On Ballot For Hennepin County Commissioner

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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On Election Day, Captain Jack Sparrow made an appearance on Minnesota Ballots.

Not to be confused with the silver screen swashbuckler, Sparrow dresses like a pirate — down to the black eyeliner — and is, in fact, a real person, reports Mashable.

Sparrow ran for Minneapolis mayor back in 2013 on an “Occupirate” platform, but lost by a hefty margin.

In this year’s election, he challenged Paul McLaughlin — the incumbent Hennepin County commissioner — on a variety of issues, specifically banks’ propensity to foreclose on defaulted loans. Interesting stance.

Here’s a debate between the two from the lead-up to the election.


Despite the proximity to the election, McLaughlin didn’t seem to take his opponent seriously, and neither did the Hennepin County electorate.


It would appear that the real-life Sparrow took a page out of Johnny Depp’s political playbook: He might be the worst candidate you’ve ever heard of…