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Despite Strong GOP Win, Glenn Beck Projects Doom And Gloom

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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As most right-wingers were ecstatic over all the nationwide victories Tuesday night, one conservative media personality was not–Glenn Beck. What the hell is wrong with him?

Frightened because he knows what will be? Are space aliens coming to eat us? Does he now have psychic abilities?

As some may know, Beck recently went through some sort of personal metamorphosis in which he apologized for contributing to the divisiveness of the country. In a lengthy series of interviews with CNN’s Brian Stelter in August, he was more specific, saying that he “played at role in helping tear the country apart.” He remarked that calling President Barack Obama “racist” was among the “stupid things” he has said on air.

After Beck articulated his message of doom and gloom on Twitter Tuesday night, followers grew worried for him and seemed to want to cheer him up after a night of huge wins for the GOP.

Superrfly coaxed, “Baby steps, Glenn. I’m 26 and have never experienced the other side having a say my entire voting life.”

Paulie Scibilia wrote, “Love you but you terrify me! I’m trying to be happy.”

Even an ominous sounding “Time4Fisticuffs” sounded more optimistic than Beck. “Sorry Glenn but I refuse to be such a fatalist,” he wrote. “Understand the danger we’re facing but I choose to be hopeful.”

And Anita refused to give in to Beck’s negativity. “For today I wanna be happy, been miserable the last six years,” she wrote. “I have hope.”

When a follower encouraged Beck to leave Jon Huntsman off TheBlazeTV, the media exec wasn’t having it.

50Kid: “@glennbeck How can you have Jon Huntsmen [sic] on The Blaze! He is everything we don’t like in the GOPe. What a shame!!”
Beck: “Try Sr. not Jr.”
50Kid: “Jon Huntsman Sr. said the Tea Party destroyed the Republican Party.Tell me again why he is on The Blaze? Is that why you changed?”

Tea Party Amercan was probably the least soothing commenter of the evening. He told Beck, “I too am scared, but thats ok I got my guns, ammo, supplies and gold I got from gold line. Yeah, I’ll be okay. #TeaParty #NRA.”

Brando summed up Beck’s mood: “Always endless gloom and doom.”

If there’s a silver lining here, maybe this means more entertaining TV crying from Beck on the horizon?

(Crossing fingers now.)