Matthews: How Does Obama Not View Midterms ‘As Rejection Of His Name, Party, Agenda?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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After announcing MSNBC’s news that Republican Larry Hogan had won the gubernatorial race in deep-blue Maryland, Chris Matthews asked fellow election night panelists, specifically Robert Gibbs, how President Barack Obama doesn’t read this election as a referendum on him.

“How does the president not read this as a rejection of his name, of his party, of his agenda? How does he not read that?” The liberal MSNBC host openly questioned.

Gibbs, the former Obama spokesman, told Matthews the White House press conferences tomorrow are going to be “interesting,” noting that Republicans won not only in red states but purple states, without mentioning the deep-blue spots Matthews had mentioned.

Matthews finished up, adding to GOP strategist Steve Schmidt that unlike Sen. Rand Paul’s comments last week, the GOP’s brand “doesn’t look like it sucks tonight.”