Pat Buchanan: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Will ‘Rip This Country Apart’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan believes President Obama’s impending executive action sanctioning the legalization of millions of illegal immigrants will rip the country and both major parties apart.

Buchanan, a former senior adviser to Presidents Nixon and Reagan, also remarked on the the midterm elections, saying the wave that led the GOP to a majority in the Senate and multiple deep-blue governorships is a “repudiation” of Obama.

Buchanan made the comments to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham Wednesday morning.

“[Executive Amnesty] will really rip this country apart,” said Buchanan. “It will rip the Democratic party apart because I think a lot of Democrats, they can not go with that usurpation of power by the President after he’s been repudiated and the country doesn’t want it. It will also rip the Republican party apart.”

Buchanan said the executive action will rip the GOP apart because of “corporate guys” and the influential Chamber of Commerce, which has been pushing comprehensive immigration for quite some time.

“But let me tell you where the problem’s gonna come. Some of the Republican business guys and their corporate guys, Chamber of Commerce are gonna say you’ve gotta get an amnesty in there, you’ve gotta do it, because they want amnesty for the business guys who hire all these folks.”

Buchanan added if the American people really wanted Obama to have “an end to obstruction,” they would have voted for the Democrats to head both chambers in Congress, while laying the blame for the Democratic losses Tuesday night square at the feet of Obama.

“The American people, what did they do last night? They rejected Obama’s leadership and his policies…It is repudiation of Obama. If they wanted Obama to basically have an end to obstruction, they would have voted for a Nancy Pelosi House and a Harry Reid Senate,” said Buchanan. “They voted to reject that, they voted for a Republican Party that stands for something different and it ought to stand for something different and indicate that in what it passes and sends down to the White House.”

Al Weaver